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Plex Knock Monitor (Tuning for other cars)

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Good day all,

I was just wondering can the monitor be used to tune multiple cars? Since it has a RPM function where you can do Knock VS RPM and you have to somehow splice a wire to connect to the RPM, wouldn't it be messy to remove that wire connection and do on other cars?

Isn't there an easy way to tune other cars like how the Innovate connects using the inductive clamp to the ignition cable for RPM?

Thanks all.


The v2 have an input for inductive clamp.

The Plex installation can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. There is no specific need to use the rpm input, and you can simply install the Plex knock monitor with power and the knock sensor. If you want to take advantage of the rpm knock threshold or the individual cylinder knock detection then yes, you will need an input from #1 cylinder. This does make it a little more time consuming to swap between different cars but it really comes down to what you want to achieve. For me, the extra effort is worth it.

I have a couple of jumpers made up that I can quickly install into the #1 ignition output so I can connect into this easily. You can also program the Plex with a number of different configurations to suit different cars so you can quickly select the relevant setup for whatever you're tuning.


It does? or you mean the trigger(T) wire connection?


Thank you for the advice. I have yet to spend more

time on it especially the software version. I have been fiddling

manually on the hardware itself. By the way, i got the knock mon

after watching your video. *thumbs up for the review*

Hello Haz,

The V2 has inductive clamp input cable but the second connector to the engine don't have cable. I had the information from Plex taht the inductive clamp measurement is not finished yet, they are working on.

Thanks Leo. Looking forward if they release one in the future.

Need also an induction clamp for the knock lonitor

Haz, you're absolutely right.....splicing in and out is going to be messy to use the product on multiple cars. I had the exact same question and I contacted Plex and spoke to them in more detail.

This is what you need to do ...buy the innovate inductive clamp, cut the innovate jack off and expose the bare wires. Next if you bought a v2 knock monitor, they should have supplied you with an extra harness with one end unterminated. I used the two green wires and soldered then to the innovate clamp (you need to try both polarities when connecting them together and try it on a car ....see which way works and then permanently solder them together) see attached a photo of what it should look like when finished. Once that's done simply connect the harness into the trigger labeled harness on the v2 knock monitor and viola you're finished.....now you can quickly and easily move the device from one car to the next and take advantage of the knock vs rpm threshold feature.

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Any difference between that particular clamp and a clamp of any timinglight?

the innovate clamp is just a regular small inductive clamp, you have all kind of clamps, colors, sizes, even micro inductive clamps i am looking at, for a small one that even fits eassy in the Plex box.

The innovate is a good robust clamp, others are a little less robust

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