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Hello! I recently purchased a plex v3 knock monitor and had an issue with the sound cutting out to the headphones on the last vehicle I used it on. Could hear clearly until we began a pull then it would just go completely flat with no audio output. The unit doesn't lose power during the time it does this. Sound would only come back if I unplugged the usb and back in but would inevitably cut out again on the next pull.

I am curious if anyone else has had this issue and how to correct whats going on with it; worked beautifully on the first two cars.

Unit is mounted on dash of vehicle.

powering through USB

vehicle is a boosted obd1 honda

trigger source rpm pinned to a1+a24 (says ground is needed when powering through usb so am using a24 on ecu)

single sensor (verified sensor was secured and mounted flush to the engine block)

Thanks in advance!

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What was the answer from Plex tech support?

happens to me if i have laptop charging.

Unplug laptop and they work fine

DynoDom I didn't message Plex message support yet, maybe I should.

Samtheman142 My laptop was not charging when this happened. Full battery. Realtime Datalogging on one com port and Plex plugged into a different com port.

Plex's support e-mail would be my first choice.

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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