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Plex v3 Crank Trigger setup help

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I recently purchased and received a knock monitor v3. I am going through and trying to get it all setup I found the help / manual file for the v3.

I run a MSD crank trigger / 4 magnets/pulses per revolution and a single tooth distributor/cam sensor. Both have a falling edge and the Crank trigger takes place 50* BTDC. Would the below settings be correct using both sensors to be able to have per cylinder knock monitoring and knock windowing when it comes on line?

Trigger Mode: Crank Position

Crank Trigger Source: Trig 1

Crank Trigger Edge: Falling

Crank Sync Mode: Cam Synch

Crank Total Teeth 4

TDC Offset : -50

Phase Trigger Source : Trig2

Phase Trigger Edge : Falling

Phase Synch Mode: Single Tooth Mode

Does anyone know when is the projected dates that knock windowing and 3d knock threshold should come online?

What is the part number for the correct knock sensors. I need to buy a 2nd one. Thanks

dimitris@plex-tuning.com knows all the answers.

...or the user manual perhaps.

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