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Portable dual channel scope

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Looking for a dual channel digital scope for use at trackside

Does anyone have any recommendations

I find USB type scopes not as user friendly as something that has a screen and knobs/buttons, especially if you want to see ECU software at the same time. If that is not a big consideration for you and you just want the smallest device possible, then something like a pico 2204 or 2205 would be a good option.

In my "outcall kit" I have a Owon HDS242, they are around USD170. I now barely use my Pico it is so good. A bit larger than a typical multimeter, can do most multimeter type functions as well so you can use it to cover both if carrying less stuff is important. Screen is bright enough to see in sunlight. It has a function generator built in so you can generate a crude crank signal or test a frequency input etc. Has only basic rising/falling edge type trigger options but it always triggers reliably and you don't usually need much else for typical car stuff. Can save waveforms and screen captures and export as CSV. Battery lasts a full day of heavy use - and you can even charge your phone from it in a pinch...

Thanks for the reply Adam .Ive ordered one , sounds spot on what I need

Ive used usb Pico scopes but agree they are hard work if you need to use the ecu software at the same time .Also too many usb connections at a race track or rally test can cause issues

Thanks Dave

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