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Hey all,

I know there is the LM-2 as a portable wideband for logging, but i was wondering if anyone had any joy using a Zeitronix setup for mobile tuning? I would like dual AFR. I think i just need a Zt-2 and a Zt-3 kit, any help would be amazing



I do have the LM2 myself and after lending it to some of my friends and getting it back with all sorts of new issues and damages I also want to upgrade to something else.

I will probably build myself a little box with an AEM X-Series Wideband (or 2, 200€ each, inkl. LSU4.9) inside + a little CANchecked display with 4 analog inputs such as MAP, fuelP, EMAP and maybe IAT.

I know this does not directly answer your question but I wanted to share my thoughts anyways.

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