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Possible to use pnp g4+ on a v8?

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Hey could anyone please confirm this for me? Thanks in advance

Im about to remove a Link G4+ Plug n Play ecu from a r32 gtr for an ecu upgrade. As far as i am aware it has 8 ignition and 8 injection channels. I have a mate with an injected 304 holden we want to install it in. I plan to cut my oem nissan ecu header plug off and wire it in place of an old megasquirt. I have a link expansion loom that plugs into the board for the 2 extra Ignition channels. the extra 2 injection channels are on the main connector. if i simply set up a base map from scratch for 8 cylinder, single distributor, sequential injection etc will this ecu basically function as a wire-in g4+ extreme?

Yes that will work. You will need to remove a diode from the adaptor board which is connected to Inj 7 drive originally as a freewheel for the idle valve for it to function correctly as an injector drive. The main difference compared to the wire-in xtreme is that plug-in board doesnt have the highside drivers on Aux5-8 - low side only, so you wont be able to run a 4 wire stepper motor idle valve. Two, 3 or 6 wire idle valve would be ok.

Awesome, thanks for that!

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