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Hi lads I can't get map tracer working on my fc data logger or may I'm doing sum tin wrong had it working few times . Maby I'm doing some ting wrong. Or is there any other way getting live data

The tracer only works when datalogging is active. Try pressing F1, right click on the map and switch on the trail

Have done it many of times still no joy chris

It just highlights the first box. I've also noticed when I ad map watch boost , rpm it reads zero as it ain't picking up data

Is the datalogging working? It sounds like you.could have a duff sensor

Everton else seems ok. How wud I no chris

Check the values in the monitoring screen see if they're matching what's expected

Got it! Small vacume pipe uder inlet cracked and wusnt getting boost reading put it on clicked f1 then trace and boom worked thanks a lot for ur help anyway chris

No worries, that's what we're here for.