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Problem with infinity 6

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I have a AEM infinity 6 on a 2jzgte. I believe I'm having a problem with the firing angle. If I wire the coils as AEM instructed me to do the car won't start. It I swap coil 1 with 6, 2 with 5, 3 with 4 the cars runs. I'm sure it's a simple setting but I can figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A couple of thoughts:

Any chance you've got the wrong CAM trigger wired up (I understand these engine have two triggers wired 180 cam degrees apart).

Is the firing order set correctly in the Setup Wizard -> Engine? Note you can enter a custom firing order by specifying crank angle degrees.

Have you used Ignition Sync to verify base ignition timing when cranking (disconnect injectors so it won't try to run). If you can't adjust the Trigger offset via the Sync Adjustment buttons, then you might need to play with the "CAM Sync Adjustment" found under the Diagnostics tab.

Lastly, have you tried posting a saved session (where you crank and it syncs) to Infinity Section of the AEM Forum here: http://aemelectronics.com/?q=forums/aem-infinity

Good Luck

I got it figured out. I had a bad sensor and the cam angle was off.

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