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So I had my fd rx7 fitted with an Elite 1500( changed from adaptronic pnp) and ‘Tuned’ by a well known pro Rotary shop.

It runs bad.

I had been tuning the adaptronic Ecu by my self and had starting and idling very well. So the first thing I did when I got the car home was pull the tune and look over thoroughly. It all seemed fine however the injector dead time looked to be way out (ID 1050x and 1700x).

Now when the car was being worked on I had 3 conversation with the tuner about the fact that he can’t put in standard Bosch 1000 and 2000 injector timings. Seems he did not believe the hype.

my question is if I change the injector data to how it should be will the tune become completely useless? Should I just book a local dyno and fix the fuel map my self?

Screen shots of the dead times in the ecu.

ID 1050x should be, 8v 1.940 10v 1.418 12v 1.126 14V 0.935 16v 0.803

ID 1700x should be, 8v 2.355 10v 1.576 12v 1.171 14V 0.924 16v 0.750

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You will probably have to massage around idle and low load a bit and work up from there, the higher the load the less effect the deadtime variance will have.

I have cleaned up someones idle/low load after getting their car back from a "rotary specialist" who left idle on a shitty single line table instead of the main fuel map, they didn't have the idle bypass operational either. Ended up disabling the idle table and running on the main fuel table and stabilizing it with a shaped ignition map. Have to wonder if they only put the effort in if they think someone switched on will be checking their work.

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