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Purchasing a Land & Sea Dyno

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We are about to purchase a Land & Sea 1000HP Hub Dyno Kit. I wanted to check here to see if anyone had experiences they can share around the brand or this particular dyno. The quote is attached that shows all of the options and add-ons.

Thanks for any feedback!


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I have a quad roller dyno from land and sea and have only good things to say about them! Their customer service is very helpful and reliable. The software is very intuitive and packed with useful features. I highly recommend them! I would also suggest paying for the training they offer. For 500 bucks they will remote in and give you 4 hours of onboard training with the software.

I have a Land and Sea 1350 with the heavy duty rolls. I have logged a lot of hours on it this year. Software is good, Controls are Simple, Customer Service is Good. I have had an issue with RF interference when running high hp cars and an inductive clamp causing the dyno and pc to loose communication. I am going to try picking up some ferrat beads to combat it... That's the only issue I have had.


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