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PWM control of a standard fuel pump

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If I had suitable wiring, relay and control (link g4x, ethonal sensor, fuel pressure sensor and new adjustable fuel pressure regulator) is there any issues with pulsing the fuel pump to give me the slowest speed to maintain the required fuel pressure over different rpms/loads? The link seem to have all the control/logic I just wanted to make sure you didn't need a special sort of pump so as not to cause mechanic damge to it.

We used to use PWM for pumps in solar thermal systems and it would work well at reducing flow so I have some previous experience in it.

I am using a G4+ Fury with a Siemens/Conti Fuel Pump Speed Controller, controlling a standard Deatschwerks fuel pump in closed loop mode.

It works flawlessly!

I think the key component is a solid-state relay. Switching relays are too slow to work with a PWM signal.

Yeah I'll be going solid state, I just wanted to make sure the pumps themselves were up to the task

One minor concern is the specific current draw characteristics of the pump. Some may have high current spikes on initial 'on' and while this is unlikely to cause an issue, there is a potential for overheating if the characteristics and frequency do 'line up' as there may be more 'on' cycles than the pump can maintain.

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