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PWM Fuel Pump Controller Options

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Hi Team,

I have an RX8 with 1JZ and Link G4+ Thunder and TI 470Lph fuel pump F90000285.

Im aim is to run open loop fuel pump speed control and im trying to figure out what pump controller to use.

So far I've been looking at a few different options.

Motec DHB (50khz max at 20A) https://www.hpacademy.com/assets/forum/attachments/45571fd32d/CDS41213-DHB-Dual-Half-Bridge.pdf

Creative Werks Inc (20khz at 100A) https://creativewerksinc.com/product/pwm-controller/

A used FOMOCO/Jag pump controller

The CWI will be about $100 cheaper than the Motec and the FOMOCO will be $100 cheaper than the CWI.

Anyone have an opinion on these units?

Im leaning toward the CWI unit at this point.

Its geared toward fan control but I have been incontact with the company and they have been running it in several race cars with really good results.

Are there any other fuel pump control units that will work with the Link ECU?

The car will be getting a PDM (either AiM PDM32 or Hardwire PDM28+)

However, I can't really see any way that either of these PDM's would be able to have variable control of a fuel pump But you guys are a lot smarter than me.


Hi Cole,

I would think all your listed options are good for the job. I've also been looking into the CWI unit to use for controlling fans since it seems to be quite powerfull unit.

I'm not familiar with the Hardwire unit but it seems on their web page that the Hardwire PDM28+ is capable to use PWM on all it's outputs. (Up to 1000Hz)

So it could control the pump on it's own.

To add to your list I've done some bench testing with a MaxxECU Race and Bosch 044 pump with a regulator to test two affordable solid state relay options. You can use these with any ECU that has low side pwm outputs.

I tested Haltech HT-030202 Solid State Relay. Basically a rebranded industrial ssr. Only 55$ yet rated for 100Amps.

I also tested a small ssr from HELLA Part# 4RA931774031. A handy, small device and performed well but for higher capacity pumps and gadgets a 20A rating might not be enough. It also costs around 55$ in my area.


Used R35 Nissan GTR stock pump controller if you want something cheap.

Just my 2 cents, but by the time you spend 500 bucks on a Motec DHB you're almost half way to a whole ECUMaster PDM.

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