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Questions about dual sync distributors with a project

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I have a old truck im wanting to swap a 440cid v8 into for now i just want to make it runs and slowy gather stuff to make it efi im curious can i run a dual sync distributor with a carb and then when it come time to do the efi conversion ill already have my dual sync distrubutor for rpm and cam sensor??

Hi- I have a 440 in a challenger i converted to EFI . I didnt use a dual sync but at the start i did run a std mopar electronic dizzy . Im using a Link Atom G4+ . It ran fine with the mopar dizzy and batchfire injection . I now have it running semi sequential ( with 4 injector drives ) buy using a crank trigger wheel and a msd billet dizzy with 1 tooth on the reluctor as a cam sensor . Im pretty sure the dual sync will be locked with no mechanical advance . So essentially no you wouldnt want to run it with a carb . All i can add is my conversion went well and im happy with the way it runs .

Ok what intake are you running on it not alot to pick from from what i can see far as big block mopar stuff i really dont want the sniper efi 4bbl thats too easy kinda wanting to put somting together so i can use what ive learn with hpa what are you running for you tps and other sensors?? Many thanks in advance

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