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RB Engine swapping Factory Crank Trigger for Hall Effect - Retune Required ?

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Hi All,

First time poster and thought i would take advantage of the awesome community we have here.

Here is my quick question.

RB25, Link/Vi-Pec V88 Ecu

Looking at replacing factory crank angle sensor with a crank and cam hall effect trigger setup like the Ross or Platinum setups.

Other than wiring and trigger configuration in the ECU is there a requirement to put the car back on the dyno and retune for these new sensors.

Or will the engine/tune generally behave the same way but getting a cleaner signal at higher revs ?

Thanks in advance


It's always worth re-checking the tune after changes, I've seen people have to pull back timing and also have the ability to advance the timing on RB engines when upgrading the trigger system, purely because of how bad the OE trigger was before changing

Cheers Chris. Makes sense to me thinking about it a bit more!

exactly what Christopher said. Oem CAS is not the best and outdated.

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