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RB26 alternate vacuum source

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Hi, I currently have my factory boost gauge disconnected as I dedicated the rear balance tube for the onboard 3bar MAP on an elite 2500. I was wondering if I could T off the small 4mm line on top of the fuel canister and reconnect my factory and SARD boost gauge?

Is there any reason that the MAP sensor and Boost Gauge cannot share the same line? If the sensor for the MAP sensor and Boost Gauge calibration line up, then you will see what the ECU is reading visually.

I have the balance tube set as a dedicated source for the MAP because my tuner recommended to leave it dedicated and not to T off that or fpr for a boost gauge.

I’ve never had a problem when tee-ing off at the balance tube on MAP equiped RB26. Where are you getting your FPR vacuum/pressure from?

I'm using the front of the balance tube for a dedicated FPR (tomei) vacuums source and the rear of the balance tube dedicated to MAP (on-board haltech).

There's no reason to dedicate a line to either of those. Because of the small ID of the hoses, there is essentially no flow in the lines, thus there is no issue with running extra line. There is no effect on the other accessories by running an extra line.

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