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RB26 Unstable timing

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A friend of mine who I am trying to help over the phone has an R32 GTR with RB26 and a WOLF standalone ECU.

He says his timing is changing from 20' to 40' when he revs the car on timing lock. Even then he says it is behaving like it is retarded.

He has tried changing from raising to falling on the reluctor but no change.

He bought the car as a bit of a basket case and is trying to work through the issues with very little history.

I have heard of the CAS being an issue but is this consistent with a CAS problem or is it likely to be setting in the WOLF system?

Does anyone have any experience with WOLF or can someone shed some light on the CAS system?

Looks like it's showing some timing drift.

Did he hook up the timing light to the inductive ignition loop or did he pull the coil and used an old lead to connect the spark plug with the coil? Because he needs to put the inductive clamp from his timing light on that lead and not the ignition loop.

Matt from Haltech actually explained it pretty well in a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d31iRGvpVJI (at 2:20 min).

Thanks KG,

Hopefully this helps him.

Nissans CAS system is somewhat of a failure.

It is made up from 360 slots for trigger 1 and then 6 varied slots for the trigger 2 and an optical sensor.

This can make "decoding: of the stock cas signal quite difficult for certain after market ecus causing timing drift, trigger errors etc.

The other issue is you're monitoring cam angle, not crank angle. If you have a loose/worn cambelt then timing will move as you blip/rev the motor due to cambelt whip. Other issue is slope in the CAS drive into the cam.

There are quite a few trigger kits online to rectify these problems

I sent my friend the link KG supplied and he got of the service loop and used an ignition lead.

Found the timing was retarded 15'.

Problem solved.

Thanks for the input KG and Chris

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