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Return less E85

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Wanted to know has anyone have done an E85 conversion with a returnless fuel set up ? I mean no return line and no external fpr . As well as with an internal fuel filter . Can I keep it that way or do I have to put new lines ? As in most new cars the fuel filter is in tank and the fuel pump attached to it , while in the older vehicles when we have an external fule filter we can install the appropriate fuel filter .

I do understand that having an fpr will be better but was wondering if I kept it as is if it would be possible and what happens with the oem fuel filter .

Our Toyota 86 is still running a returnless system. I simply placed the ethanol content sensor in the feed line and fitted an uprated fuel pump. You do need to be a little more thoughtful if you're chasing high power as the ethanol content sensor can provide a restriction. To be honest though, if you're out flowing an ethanol content sensor then you'd likely want to upgrade to a return style fuel system with a manifold pressure referenced FPR anyway.

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