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Revving the engine after dyno pull

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why do some tuners rev the engine after dyno pull?

is that to bring the intake temp down.. so they dont have to wait that long for the

intake temp to drop down to do another pass?

i was wondering this.

It's not uncommon with some engines to heat soak after a dyno pull. At idle the water pump speed will be quite slow so it can take some time to circulate the coolant through the radiator and engine to drop the temperature. Raising the rpm slightly can speed up this process.

Ok i see,

Thank you for the fast reply.

Couldn't you make the same argument for the oil pump? A few revs after a pull will add a little more pressure and circulate that much more oil?

I can't remember who told me this and chime in with your thoughts but coolant cools the block while oil (along with lubricating) cools the internals...

The effectiveness of this with regards to the oil temperature will depend to an extent if you are using an oil cooler. With no oil cooler, there is little chance for the oil temperature to drop just by virtue of moving more oil around the engine.

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