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Road tuning using dbw throttle to target manifold pressure

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Im running a haltech elite 2500 with a dbw throttle and was wondering if, for the purposes of road tuning, it is possible to create some kind of closed loop control that will target a certain manifold pressure with the trottle

the idea is that while im trying to find a certain cell in the fuel table the ecu can just target the right point on the load axis and il just floor the pedal and control rpm with the brake

might make it a bit easier to do or to have someone else drive while im doing the tuning as in theres less factors to focus on while actually trying to safely drive the car

Possible, perhaps yes. Safe, probably no.

If you've got a car with DBW and an Elite 2500, why won't you go to a dyno and tune it properly? It will take substantially less time and be far easier.

I mean yea for sure that's a fair point

I am also trying to reduce my dyno time to a minimum by dialling in what I can on the road first since dyno time costs money and I'm not to fussed about spending time road tuning it

just found myself thinking this feels dodgy as while I was attempting it for the first time

If you can control the DBW to target a desired MAP value on the street, then you can do it on the dyno too. So you'll still save time there.

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