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Setting Knock threshold dB Haltech 2500?

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Good morning,

I just installed new Bosch knock sensors on my 1jz and looking to calibrate them. I previously had the stock Toyota knock sensors.

I know I have a conservative map loaded that will not knock. I was planning on datalogging the background engine noise level at the various rpm and engine loads.

My question is what should I set the dB trigger for knock correction for above background noise? +1, 2, 3

Ie if the background noise is 45db do I set knock threshold at 45.5 or 46, 47 etc.

Also, the engine is essentially solid mounted on nylatron mounts so I know that adds noise to the engine from the road as well. Not sure if that makes a difference or not.


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Haltech says set the db limit about 3db above what the engine background noise is at that point without knock

If you make it closer that wouldn't be bad either. If you datalog all your gears under load you may see the background noise changes as you run through the gears - it does on my car anyways.

i agree with Lawrence

Thanks for the replies, much appreciated.

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