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Setting up Knock sensor on Megasquirt

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could guide me thru how to setup the knock sensor for megasquirt mspnp2

Hey mate, I personally haven't used MS2 knock (I'm MS3) so I can't really help but below are the instructions from the PNP docs:

Under Basic/Load Settings → General Control , set Barometric Correction to "Initial MAP Reading."

Under Ignition Settings → Knock Sensor Settings , set Knock Control to Disabled.

Inside the case, place the jumper 15 (See jumper tabel above) in the "Test" position (to the right).

Right click on one of the gauges, and change it to ADC 6 under Sensor Inputs 2. This gauge will give you your threshold voltage.

Right click on a second gauge, and change it to ADC 7 under Sensor Inputs 2. This gauge will give you the peak voltage reported by the knock sensor.

Set the spark table to a conservative value that is known not to produce knock. (If at any point you hear it knocking during this test through the headphone jack, reduce the spark advance further.)

Conduct a full throttle dyno pull (assuming and only if the ECU is fully tuned for the car) and watch the ADC 6 and ADC 7 gauges. You will want to keep the ADC6 gauge just a little under the value reported on the ADC7 gauge - the closer they are together, the more sensitive the system will be to knock, although getting them too close together or having ADC6 exceed ADC7 will result in false knock readings. Adjust the Start and Slope pots as needed to get ADC6 to track closely with ADC7 without exceeding it.

Inside the case, place the jumper at JS6 back in the "Run" position (to the left).

Re-enable knock sensing and real time barometric correction.