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SR20 CAS + Haltech ps1000 timing lock

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General/Stupid question but cant seem to find a definite answer...

When locking timing on the Haltech PS1000 at 15deg BTDC, does the SR20DET Cam angle sensor need to be inserted with the crank pulley at the 15deg BTDC notch in order to sync the engine and ecu?

Thank you!!

Technically you can align the CAS anywhere you want and just change the offset in the ECU to get the timing synced properly. in reality you're best to follow the workshop procedure when inserting the CAS as then the default offset values in the Haltech are going to be really close. It just makes it much quicker and easier to sync the timing.

On a setup like the Nissan CAS sensor (or old Honda engines) with slotted mounts, I like to install at max advance to avoid possible problems if it gets adjusted later. That should avoid situations where a loose mounting bolt or unsuspecting mechanic/owner accidentally advances the ECU's timing by 10 degrees.

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