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SR20DET with ECU Master Black + MAP + GTR R35 Coils

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Attached is my EMU Black (Ecumaster) file that I'm struggling with to start my S13 SR20DET with a MAP sensor + GTR R35 coils

Currently it is able to crank but it fails to start. I feel like I'm getting nowhere trying to start my vehicle and would appreciate the help!

Injectors: Injector Dynamics ID1050x Injectors (top feed), 14mm @ 1065cc/min @ 3 bar @ 52degrees celsius

Engine: bore 86.5 x crank 86, 4 cylinder @ 2021.54? displacement

Stock turbo

Stock intake manifold

Radium fuel rail + pressure regulator @ 3 bars of fuel pressure (sensors report this accurately)

GTR R35 coil packs + NGK BKR7EIX-11 Iridium IX spark plugs (pre-gapped around 0.048), I've done the "test output" function on the ECU and I visually see my spark plugs spark

Dwell settings are: 8v @ 9.2ms -> 12v @ 4.9ms -> 16v @ 3.1 (general dwell settings, you can see more in the file). Coil pack dwell settings are suggested from Platinum Racing and I've been using those (already implemented in the file)

The fuel + ignition maps are based off of the Ecumaster basemap that I got from the Ecumaster website (haven't changed it). I've even tried the EFI recommended flat map for fuel + ignition and those don't even help.

My MAP sensor (on the ECU) is reading atmospheric pressure so its accurately reading the pressure because my turbo is not fully connected yet via intercooler + piping. So it makes sense it is reading atmospheric. My MAP sensor is connected directly to the intake manifold plenum and not a vacuum source on the throttle body.

My throttle position voltage has been calibrated from closed to WOT.

Timing: I've tried 2,1,3,4 or 1,3,4,2 for my ignition events + injector fueling phases (which seem to be the common ones for this engine) and it doesn't seem to work.

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Update: I went ahead and adjusted the coil pack dwell (Platinum Racing vs GTR USA) for my GTR R35 coils and injector voltages from Injector Dynamics (slope & offset vs pressure). I disabled boost control, disabled batch fuel injections (sprays at every ignition event) and flashed the ECU with it. I have rough idle but it turned on! I'm going to work on dialling it in to have a smoother idle but overall, I just needed to adjust my coil dwell times (interpolated) and injector voltages (also interpolated).

Hi Danny,

Are you using a pnp adapter or you wired the ECU yourself ?

The trigger configurations on the basemap are a bit strange because the ignition sequence starts at Cyl #2. I attched my settings (EMU Classic but its similar), you must lock timing at 0* , check with timing light and adjust as needed on the CAS.

The correct sync window for SR20DET is 16 to start at cyl #1.

You should enable use injector calibration table at engine start to account for voltage drop while cranking.

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