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st185 ( 3sgte ) 1zz COP/1000cc Inector issues - Link G4+

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Hi all.

I recently got the g4+ pnp for the st185. I synced timing and got the car running with the stock distributor as well as 540cc injectors. I've since made the switch from stock ignition to a 1zz smart coil setup as well as bosch ev14 1000cc injectors provided by Link. I'm having some issues getting the car to start now. I've set the deatime values for the injectors as well as dwell for the coils and I believe they are wired correctly. The provider of the kit instructed me to turn off Ignition Drive 2-4 and turn on 5-8, which I did. I was also told to depin Aux 6 ( pin 52 ), which I also did. I had an issue with coil 1 getting extremely hot which led me to believe that they coils are either assigned incorrectly or the wiring is incorrect. This setup uses the cam trigger.

Wiring goes to the expansion slot on the ecu board. I believe it gets power from the OEM ignition coil connector.

Would anyone have some insight on this? Maybe I have settings configured wrong?


You'll notice that I changed the fuel model back to traditional for troubleshooting purposes.

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have you swapped your coil from saturated?

also what dwell are you running? high dwell can create heat. i dont have Link soft ware so cant check your maps but im sure some one will soon, maybe after easter but.

This same post was on the Link Forum and I had already replied over there earlier, so just for others interest I will link to that: http://forums.linkecu.com/topic/8246-st185-3sgte-cop1000cc-injector-help-needed/

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