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Staggered intake plenum for turbo VR6 (24v)

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I'm about to create the overall plan for my motor.

24v VR6 (BDE), Holset Hx40super. Hoping to be in the 550-600whp area.

Would staggered intake trumpets in the plenum make a huge difference in a FI engine, or only overcomplicate the fabrication?

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Just run an offered intake manifold, short runner if you need the space, long if you want to keep that 15-20 ft.lbs. Don't keep the plastic unit though.

May I ask why the holset? You'd be better off with a gen2 gtx3582 .92ar twin scroll, with a twinscroll manifold. Great spool and an easy 650whp on american 93 octane fuel. Run that on an ID 630 or 870cc injector. You will need rods, great idea to do pistons, keep the comp at 9:1. That will be a solid engine with capability to get more power.

Hi Chris! Thanks for the reply!

So the staggered intake will only complicate things, if I understand you correctly. The gains are not that much, compared to the fabrication difficulties?

I based turbo choice on the price vs output, because I'd like to play with antilag and launch control, and wanted a cheap turbo to do this experiments with.

If you have good arguments, I'd like to hear them :)

The car will be a Fiesta MK6, with BMW E60 4wd drivetrain. Rallycross style.

Staggered length manifold runners/trumpets are normally used to spread the power/torque peak a little* but as, IIRC, the VR6 has already got long and short ports, you've already got that in the head. You may find you benefit from tweaking the timing and/or fuelling between one bank and the other.

*An exception was the old big block Chev' engine which had different length ports in their heads - 4 long and 4 short - they would commonly use different manifold runner, or trumpet lengths, to try and balance them out to the same lengths.

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