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Hi all

Advice and opinion please, planning for the future and trying to do my homework.

I have a Mercedes 5.0 v8 M113 engine out of a E500 and a 6 speed manual box out of a SL350 to go in a Ford Capri here in UK

Bit confused as to a stand alone ECU to use to run engine, ignition and injection sequentially as there is so many out there.

Was looking at Megasquirt, help and advice most greatfully received. Novice at ECU and tuning but trying to learn. (Maybe a bit late at 55 yrs)

Will need drive by wire for throttle, using Kleemann exhaust manifolds with position for oxygen sensor in each bank.

Hi David,

Where abouts are you in the Uk? There is a company called emerald on east anglia who make their own ecu’s, they should be able to help, of course megasquirt variations will work.

Gems I believe make an ecu which will work for you.

and of course the more costly optIon of Motec etc


I've actually installed a Maxxecu Race in Mercedes 190E with M113k engine.

I would've gone the route of either Maxxecu Race or Haltech Elite.

Maxxecu is a Swedish Standalone ECU with great support and Haltech is Australian.

We currently do not run leading/trailing ignition setup we do however utilize both spark plugs per cylinder.

Maxxecu race have support for 2 E-throttles.

Hi Dave

Emerald are only about 40 miles from me, spoke to them a few month back, they can’t help as they only do up to 6 cylinders sequentially not 8

Hi Pontus

I was not going to use the second plug per cylinder, interesting, did you fire it off the same output as it’s twin


ah fair enough; I’ve heard a lot of good things from them but wasn’t sure.

Haltech do make a good product with plenty of support and course content from hpa to help you along.

interested to see how you get on! Keep us in the loop!

We used 4 coil drivers with 4 outputs each.

drive it in wasted spark mode. i will search for the schematics i used and send it here for you later on.

Currently produce 590BHp and 910NM

Wow 590bhp

was hoping to achieve 400bhp from the normally aspirated engine, 306bhp as standard.

should be enough for road going capri


An Omex 710 might fit the bill.


The guys over there a pretty good and supportive. I’d give them a call to discuss your requirements if the spec sheet doesn’t exactly read as you’d like.

Failing that you’ll probably be looking at £2-3000 for something around the Cosworth SQ6 or Life Racing F88. I’m not sure how that fits within your budget but I’d reconsider the requirement for FBW and integrated lambda drivers. Using lambda to can modules or 0-5v controllers from somewhere like https://www.14point7.com/

can free up sone functionality allowing you to use a much more affordable option.

The key point for selecting an ECU is the people behind it and the support available. Often you’ll find a local supplier that will help get you started and maybe offer in house tuning and function development. Bigger multi nationals can be appealing due to the sheer number of units and user knowledge out there but there could be times where you’re waiting a week for an email response so it’s a case of doing your homework and finding out what works best for you.

Hi Scott

Thanks for that but if I am reading the specs right, the Omex can only run 6 plugs sequentially and does not have an output for drive by wire.

was considering fbw as the original throttle body is with the engine saved changing it and I have a bmw pedal hanging around but was dreaming of itb in the future, may have to bring that idea forward and use cable on original Capri pedal. Don’t think the inlet manifolds for itb would be to difficult to make.

Manifolds have position for oxygen sensors in each bank but am I over complicating it by using two.

Hi David,

You’re quite right in the fact that it only has 6 onboard ignition drivers but it has the functionality to run 12 with and addition 6 external drivers but wasted spark wouldn’t be the end of the world as long as the fuelling is fully sequential. And yes it doesn’t have any FBW drivers so you would have speak with them regarding using an external H-bridge driver unit. Using 1 lambda sensor per bank would be preferable but would require external wideband controllers. like I said earlier it’s worth getting in touch to see what solutions they can come up with.

I know OEMs struggled to run multi’s fully sequentially and often fitted 2 ECU’s to run each bank independently, the Ferrari 458 is a more modern example - maybe this could be an option.

For an ITB’s on a v12 would sound fantastic and pretty cost effective if using a pair of OEM BMW S54 throttles.

Another option if you want 2 x built-in Lambda controllers is the Link Thunder (120 pins, 8inj, 8 ign, 2 x knock, 2 x DBW, 2 x Lambda), UK retail is around GBP1640.

Plenty of Link training content and knowledge on this site if you want to DIY as well as a large dealer/tuner support base in the UK, dedicated UK tech support office etc.

Hi David,

I misread your engine as m137 being a v12, my mistake.

As Adam suggested the Link thunder would be a good option, there are many dealers across the UK although it does come out to about £1900 with connectors etc, but does have a lot of internal functionality meaning you can save money buying additional modules

Maxxecu Race has exactly what you need and is fairly affordable


1250 GBP

and has the following features

Selected features

Anti-lag and launch


Knock control

Built-in wideband

Shift-cut and internal loggings


Variable valve timing

CAN bus

Traction control

2 knock sensor inputs

8 built-in EGT (in harness)

8 injector output (high/low impedance)

8 ignition outputs

9 extra (GND) outputs

2 extra (+12V) outputs

2 extra outputs for E-Throttle

8 extra analog inputs

4 extra digital/VR inputs


Thank you all for your input I have looked at your suggestions, I am going to look more into the the Maxxecu race recommended by pontus for several reasons.

It looks like it will do what I need without having to buy lots of extras.

It has proven success on the engine I am using.

Costs less than the others but will do the same pretty much. Cost does unfortunately have a small part to play.

Found support information on Internet.

Reviews on the Internet for hard and software are good.

A local tuner with rolling road not too far from were I live has used brand before although not the race.

Hopefully HPA will do some lessons on this ecu in the future.

If you have any questions about the Race and the setup don't hesitate to contact me. @ Ohlert90@gmail.com

Iam using link extreme g4 with my w210 e55 m113(e500) na fitted with oem kompressor , i switched to toyota coils i belive camryS or landcruisers with built in igniters WITH dual spark outputs so i use 8 ignition drivers out of the link sequentially .

gain is 365 whp around 470 flywheel .

Hi guys.

I also have a 5.0 N/A M113 that I'm looking to fit into my Mazda MX5. The choice of ECU has been shortlisted to Haltech Elite 2500, Maxxecu Race or Motorsport Electronics ME442. The 442 is the favourite at the moment.

That said I'd be interested to see the wiring schematics as mentioned above by Pontus.



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