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Storing Ethanol

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Hey guys, so Ive moved to an area that has a couple of E85 servos... I was considering making the switch but was also wondering is it ok to get a 45 Gallon drum (or some other container) that I could fill at the servo and store at home?

I know Ethanol absorbs moisture but would a new drum with a good seal on the cap be fine? Im guessing it would when the drums full but what about when you have drained it to say 20% would the remaining air in the drum have enough moisture in it to cause detrimental effects?

I think 45 gallon drums are mild steel so maybe not suitible? (im not sure if they are coated with anything internally) altho it would only start to rust if it got moisture in there which Id be trying to avoid in the first place....

Or would a plastic container be more suitable?

We have stored and used E85 from 45 gallon drums before without an issue. Always ensuring afterwards that the are sealed back up.

You're right that the moisture in the air does get absorbed into the fuel and Ethanol based fuels can absorb up to 50% more water than non alcohol fuels, so you have to be careful how much exposure it gets to mositure and over how long.

Some people also put fittings on their drums and vacuum out the air so no moisture is present. I haven't done this or felt that we have needed to. In saying all this though, I don't like to store E85 for long periods of time. As with any fuel, over time it does separate.

I typically like to use a drum within 1 month of opening. This is just my personal preference though

this maybe a little obvious but do not store the drum on concrete and if you can insulate it as much as possible.

temperature fluctuations will draw air in and push it out the drum (if not perfectly sealed) air has moisture, there for temperature change increases the amount of water in the fuel.

i work with industrial gearboxes (like on large conveyors) and the larger drives have desiccant breathers, this removes all water from the air and there fore helps extend oil life.

i wonder if they could be used for fuel? not sure of the plastics stability with ethanol. off topic but food for thought

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