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Strange boost cut, what am I missing ?

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hi guys,

i have a little tuning project on the go at the moment it’s a 1.8t 20v Vw engine with DTA E48 engine management ihi td05 630cc injectors

the problem I’m having is when I adjust the boost any more than 1.5bar (2.5 absolute) it cuts the engine, it has a Magneti 3 bar map sensor fitted and scaled correctly confirmed with Mitty vac and live readings and the boost limit is set to 3 bar absolute

can this magneti 3 bar map sensor actually run up to 2 bar boost ?

Ive been making good progress upto this point but just can’t seem to find the problem, any ideas ?

Thanks Chris

I haven't used a Magneti 3 bar map sensor but if you're able to replicate 3 bar absolute with a mitty vac then the sensor is unlikely your issue. I'd be logging any cut % in the ECU to see if that reveals a little more about what is going on. It's quite possible that you're running into an issue with spark energy causing an ignition misfire which can seem like a cut.

Ok thanks Andre

The is quite an old model ECU and logging is very limited, I’ve used the diagnostic screen whilst replicating the fault and no alarms come up, when the car cuts its instantly turned off and not a soft limiter as such,

if I adjust the duty cycle to produce around 0.2 bar less it completely fine

Check out the video of the what I found

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That would certainly put a stop to play

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