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Subaru ECU Pin Out

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I am not quite sure if I had to post my inquiry in this section or in the wiring section .

So I have a Subaru Impreza GC8 with a EJ20 GD engine it (everything leads to it being an STi engine but cant find the castings to verify) . I am planning on installing a Link Xtreme G4+ in it since I already have one and since the loom of the engine and the cabin is already butchered . I could simply do a continuity test and move on but as mentioned above due to current status of the looms I have 0 faith and want to see what goes where .

Could someone please provide me with the ECU pinouts of both WRX GC and GD STi

Has anyone done this conversion ? Any help would be appreciated .


Be aware there are several variations of both - for example a V5/6 sti has the cam and crank on different pins depending if the car came with an immobiliser or not. A V7-9 can have the Ign Sw and relay control on different pins depending on what region the car was sold in.

If you download the G4X version of PC Link, this has the pinouts for all of our plug-ins which should give you most of what you need (G4+ PC Link has less complete pinouts).

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