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Subaru EZ36 Link Fury Trigger and Cam Position errors

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I am looking for some help on a Subaru EZ36. The engine is in a rally car and I am running it with a link fury. I keep getting Trigger errors and Cam Position sensor errors. The errors seem to only happen at high RPM. The other part that has made it difficult to find is that 90% of the time when I am racing i do not get any CPS errors and 100% of the time when I am not racing I never get any trigger issues. I have been trying to trouble shoot it for sometime, but I have been unable to find any issues. I have been on the link forum, and although they are very helpful, we have yet to find out the problem is. I'm sure that I am missing something so any insight would be appreciated.

The ecu is wired with a custom loom that is wired to the OEM engine plus that then directly goes into the directly to the OEM engine harness. I have checked all the ecu grounds and have them running directly to the engine block. The Crank position sensors and all the cam position sensors are all run directly from the ecu to the sensors using shielded cabling. I have a suppressor on each head for the coils. All the sensors on the engine are connected to the sensor grounds on the ecu. The trigger scope looks fine from the ecu. I also have an oscilloscope that I have checked the cam position sensors with and they look fine except for some interference that is being caused by the lambda sensor. I tried running without the lambda sensors and I still get the cam position errors. I also used an amp clamp with my oscilloscope to see if there was any stray power back feeding through the grounds on the ecu, but I did not find anything. I have tried running it and spraying water every where to make sure that it wasn't something with that (although it never seems to correct with water when racing). I have also tried running it while pushing, pulling, prying on all of the connections and cables to make sure that there isn't a loose connection somewhere.

Below I added a couple trigger scopes and a log from my last race.

What am I forgetting to do or what am I missing? If you have any questions or need any more info let me know.

Thanks for any help!


Attached Files

sorry i was sure i replied to this yesterday please send me in these log files and the Tune file to tech@linkecu.com,

i or one of the team will take a look for you being a G4 plus they are very stable so i would be normally looking for a faulty crank or cam sensor, faulty coil, loose pins on sensors, basicly anything causing noise to travel up to the ecu upsetting the trigger,

this can also be caused by non resistor type or a faulty alternator etc

Regards Ross

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