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Subaru Impreza WRX STi 2.5 with big turbo and CAMS

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Hi everyone,

I have one question regarding CAM control.

There is left and right bank.Left exhaust is longer, than right (as usual boxer engines)

How is the best way to tune cam positions, inlet and exhaust for left and right? May be someone has done that?

Do for both inlet together and both exhaust together? or one by one?

I found out in motec base file there is different settings for ilnet camshafts (right and left)

Look at the base map as a general guide but do not take the values within for granted. As you have already observed, non matching or confusing values may come with a generic map. There is no such thing as different variable valve timing between left and right bank. Approach the variable camshaft timing for left and right simultaneously per intake and outlet cams. Follow HPA's respective webinar / courses. If in doubt, I suggest you get initial help from a tuner who has first hand experience and who can assist you understanding the working principles. My comment is meant in a friendly and constructive way and I hope it is understood this way.

Some OEM companies run a few degrees variance between banks to deal with vibration.

Ferrari 360 for example run 3' variance at idle but take it out at higher RPM

Well then, that is a exotic fix respectively a cost effective measure to remedy a underlying design flaw.

Firstly I haven't come across an aftermarket ECU that will allow you to target different cam angles on each bank of cams - Most will use a common cam target map and control each bank separately to achieve this. The point to consider here is that if you use a different cam timing on each bank of cylinders, the VE of the engine will vary from bank to bank and this would require different fuel volumes and potentially different ignition advance from one bank to the other. The net effect would also be a power/torque imbalance from bank to bank that may have a negative effect on the engine too.

Thanks for answers!

Found answer! In motec file where i looked, there is used "Aim Source" for each camshaft! than it is possible to set for Left inlet camshaft to follow R inlet camshaft table!

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