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Subaru side feed dead times

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I'm building a data base of common injectors for myself

I have now come across 2 sets of 650cc yellow side feed injectors they seem to be somewhat common but I can't get any reliable data can anyone help?

Not the factory 99-2000 gc8 injectors

Thanks dan


Subaru never made 650cc side feeds. You could see how it goes with data from stock Subaru yellows copied from a 2005 USDM STI for example, but modified injectors may not behave as stock, so having them characterized by a service provider like Motec will get you data you can be confident suits what you have.

i used the gc8 99-2000 dead times and data it works and i can get the job done

i would say these are some sort of nissan injector in a subaru

i guess thats the joys of older injectors

Perhaps you simply calibrated "around" unknown deadtime data.

This approach usually works just fine in performance tuning. It is more of an issue when rather large (oversized) injectors are fitted, operating at low load. Having said this, even correct dead time values will not "fix" an injectors' limitation at shortest openings if they are overly large in flow.

Where accurate deadtime data is crucial is when emmission tests have to be successfully passed, meaning homologation drive cycles.

Yup, tuning around it only works as long as voltage doesn't vary. If you have the ability to alter system voltage, test and adjust, you can dial things in more.

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