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Supra with AEM series 2 starting issues

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Hi guys I am trying to tune the idle on a new supra build but having starting issues. The car started and I got it to idle even though slightly rich. Came back the next day and it refuses to start. Any ideas as to what could be causing an issue. Tested the cam and crank sensors and also verified the TPS was correctly set. Doesn't sound like it will start just swinging over.

I would look into your Cranking, Post-Start, and Warm-up Enrichment Trim Tables to see if they are active during start. If they are active, are they tuned ideally? Andre has a very informative Webinar on "Cold Start Tuning". Also If you ran it too rich previously, I'd also look into the spark plugs being possibly fouled. Just some thoughts.

Thanks for the reply - the car had been idling rich so the plugs were changed and still wouldn't start. However we unplugged the crank sensor and tried starting - reconnected it and the car started in about tries. Could this be pointing to a crank sensor issue even though it was tested and was found to be ok. However after idling for a while it wouldn't start again after switching off. Had to do same thing again. Also had a number of timing errors registered in the AEM.

What AFR s were you getting when you did have it idling? You really should have your fuel tables tuned before trying to tune the compensations for cranking and idle.

As for the triggering issues, have you tested the signals at all on a scope?

Thanks for the replies and suggestions - we finally got it starting as it should and it seems that the crank sensor was faulty even though the resistance readings feel within the manufacturer's specifications. It starts on one swing and idles smooth around 950 rpm. Again thanks for the assistance.

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