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I apologize if this topic does not belong here . I decided to do a rebuilt on my HKS Hipermax coilovers since HKS (in general Europe/Japan etc.) do not offer a service/parts for them as they are old . I took everything apart and installed them and seem to be ok but I took the dampering adjusting valve out cleaned it and put a little bit of copper paste and I can not feel the clicks of the adjustment . Is it possible due to the copper paste to not have the click feel ? I did it only on 1 strut and no feel , while the others which do not have the paste have a proper click feel .

Also these are supposed to be filled with nitrogen but will it be ok if I use air instead ? I have heard mixed opinions on the matter .

Any help would be appreciated as this is my 1st time doing a strut rebult .

Thank you

I have never rebuilt any suspension so possibly not the best person to ask. I'd be doubtful if the anti-sieze you've used is the culprit for the lack of feel on the adjuster but if the only one that's giving you trouble has the anti-sieze then i'd be stripping that again to reinspect everything and perhaps omit the anti-seize when you reassemble. Here's an article discussing the use of nitrogen in dampers - http://teinusa-blog.com/why-nitrogen-gas-for-dampers/

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