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Syvecs GolfR question

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Hello Any one use Syvecs Ecu on Golf6R ?

is Cluster, haldex, Dsg Work With new Ecu ?

Also interested,

I've tuned two Mk6 Golfs running the 2.0 TSI engine (specifically they are a European GTi Edition 35) with the Syvecs S8 plug & play kit which in terms of the engine control and DSG should be pretty well identical - they just aren't 4WD.

It's a pretty seamless system that replicates all of the CAN data streams so that the instrument cluster and DSG box work as factory. The interface with the TCM is two way where the TCM sends the Syvecs a torque reduction request during a shift, then waits for the Syvecs to reduce engine torque before the shift completes. There are a variety of torque tables in the Syvecs, along with control over the way the torque that provide a lot of control over the shifting.

If you haven't used Syvecs, Pectel or Life Racing before, there user interface is a little different to the majority of ECUs you'll come across but it's reasonably easy to pick up.

I'm running the syvecs s8 plug and play kit and have issues with the can bus settings on the syvecs, it won’t communicate with the factory modules.

I suggest you work with your Syvecs dealer to get it sorted.

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