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Tapping into OEM W/B oxygen sensor wiring

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I've got an Arduino in my project car doing a bunch of things, including displaying gauge data on a nice 7.9" display. I'd like to display my AFR's without polling the ECM (over CAN) for this data as I have been doing previously.

Are there any downsides / risks with tapping into the OEM wideband sensor wires to determine the AFR's ? It's not something I'd want to have impact standard operations. Also not keen to install 2x additional dedicated sensors (its a V6) if I can avoid it.

Also if this sounds interesting you can see what I'm up to here: https://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/67835-custom-digital-display/

ps: Not 100% if I've posted in the right location, please move if I have not :)


(More for the screen development)

Just learning about Arduino.

Just install another wideband controller and sensor in your exhaust.

You can't get a signal from a wideband sensor without a wideband controler. Most ECU or datalogger will need an analog voltage 0-5v, or it can get the data from CAN like you said.

You also have to be careful with using the data from the OEM wideband sensor, some of them (like Subaru EJs) are not super precise in the richer AFR we are targeting for open loop tuning and they are mostly used in the closeloop area. Having a separate wideband controler/gauge would be recommended when tuning.

Thanks for the replies, never hit the subscribe when creating the topic so didn't see them earlier :/

Never realised the sensors need a controller !! There are options in the native Arduino space it turns out (http://www.bylund-automotive.com/research/lambda2/index.html or https://controlduino.com/lambda-module-01m11v00/) but to be more future proof I'll look at a CAN option which can integrate with a standalone ECU later on.

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