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Hey all, not been around for awhile but have recently been interested in Electric vehicles. For those who don't know there is very little to no tuning at all required for these... There is no air/fuel ratios, advance tables, idle tables nothing.

Only things you would adjust is what amount of power you want for a given throttle position and things like to shut off air con if the battery is getting low.. or if the engine gets hot... more settings rather then tuning.

Don't even really need a dyno for power measurement. Amps x Volts = Power in Watts. There is driveline loss's and inefficentcy's to account for but is about that.

Not that its not going to happen anytime soon, most likely not in most people here's lifetime but eventually Tuners will not be required at all

Just wondering what others thoughts are on this?

Yeah, nah not in a sports application anyway. Massive world of torque and vector mapping/slide control against gps/accelerometer data/regen levels, heat mamagement etc especially with motor per wheel. Advanced chassis dynamics and power system control is heaps more complex than lighting a shitty fire that needs to be close to stoic +/- a bit of heat management or fuel efficiency with a basic driveline. The nature of tuning will change as will the tools, it will require a greater investment of time to understand systems and get the best from them in terms of control. There will still be all sorts of parts options and interfacing and you might argue more comsumer money to spend on mods as there will be a lot less general maintenance expense unless they compromise component life heavily for power to weight in a sports application.

I'm not following EV's closely yet but the info I'm seeing from MountainPass Performance looks promising. I haven't driven a Tesla yet but the idea of adjusting torque vectoring and allowed slip/yaw does sound really interesting.

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