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Thermatec ptfe intake manifold gaskets

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Hi everyone,

I am curious has anyone had practical experience with these ptfe intake manifold gaksets? A reduction in IAT or a change in charge air temp coefficient ?



I used this sort of gasket on my old drag engine. I can't give you a before and after comparison but from a practical standpoint it does cut down heat transfer into the plenum. There is no real downside to this and the physics behind reducing heat transfer is sound.

i use the Thermogenic gasket from Gizzmo, more then 15°C lower intake temp of the manifold itself while driving.

When the car stops and is idling, after a while the intake still heats up, but if you drive again and there's airflow it will cool down again.

it really works, even better if you isolate or modify your intake and waterlines around the intake manifold, and take a trottle body with no waterheating tru it

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