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Things to watch out for when tuning cars with dual clutch gearboxes vs pure manual? (GT-R R35/Syvecs)

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I have never worked on any cars with an automatic transmission before, only pure manual trans but will starting on a R35 soon. After looking at the Syvecs R35 base map briefly, looks like the main role of the engine ECU on transmission is to:

1) Estimate the current torque output and compare it with the engine torque limit commanded by the transmission ECU and cut/reduce power should the limit be exceeded. Does the estimated torque also gets sent to the transmission ECU? As I don't seem to see such an output available but it sounds like an important data for the transmission ECU have.

2)Handle gear blip and gear cut requests from the transmission ECU.

3) I also see a whole lot of gearbox box related inputs such as Trans Oil Temp, Clutch Pressures, RMode Switch, TransMaualMode, etc received by the S7 ECU. I assume those are just for reference only? I don't see them used by any ECU functions.

Is my understanding correct? Have I missed anything else? I always like to have a clear understanding of things before I make a start so that I could monitor everything closely to enure everything is working as intended. For the time being, it looks like I should be able to leave those settings as-is on a relatively stock car unless we run into shifting problems. I might want to verify the estimated torque on the dyno (Dynapack) but is there a recommended value that I should multiply the dyno reading by given this would be hub vs flywheel torque?

Thank you!

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