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TI-VCT issue?

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Hello everyone, I am relatively new here. As a quick backstory; I own a 2014 V6 mustang and I added forced Induction about 2 years ago (long before I even considered tuning myself.)

Mods concerning said system are as follows:


90LB/Hr DW injectors

3in hot and cold side

big intercooler

innovate SCG-1 boost controller

spark plugs

That being said, regretfully I never tuned this myself and the guy who did it for me ran into an issue where little-to-no boost is achieved after going to WOT for aprox. 2-3 seconds. I am attaching the tune and a log I took earlier which was cruising around and one full power run. Besides the STFT's what else is out of place? What could be causing this issue? The whole system was taken apart 3 times and no restrictions or blockages could be found. The car does the same with or without the boost controller as well and the exception to the rule is if its locked in OP mode.

I'm not clear on the background information. This is a twin turbo kit or a centrifugal blower or a single turbo kit or...? Have you boost leak tested it by pressurizing the intake system?

Hi sorry, its a single and yes both sides have been tested as well as the wastgate and BOV have been replaced.

Ok. Your log and map aren't attached. Please upload. What are you using to tune it

It's saying the files are not allowed, but i'm using HPT. I'll keep trying, they are .hpt and .hpl files so i'm not sure why they are being rejected.

one last try

Attached Files

I pulled up your map but the log didn't come through. Maybe you can put it on datazap or save it as a different format. Also, can you upload your 100% completely stock map (that came from the factory?) And can you give a link/spec sheet on the actual turbo? Maybe the hot side is too big. Is this a widely used kit or something you picked out and fabricated yourself?

Is this an automatic or a manual? If you do a 5th gear pull from lugging 1000rpm to 6000rpm, at what rpm does it make boost? This kind of lugging test will tell you your boost threshold.

So here's the deal with the map.... The cars PCM was replaced by the previous tuner after (stupid I know but I did this years ago as well) my diablo fried itself and I was unable to return to stock so i do the stock map, i can post one from HPT so you can see the baseline values. As well i cant find a sheet for it on Comps website (comp turbo) I wouldn't think that the hot side is too small considering there are about 23 other cars running the exact same kit with no issues. The rpm isnt really what determines when it gets boost but typically starting at 1k and ramping up 3k is where it goes into op mode and gets boost. and its an auto.

Post the datalog and the baseline HPT map and we can go from there.

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