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Timing retune for new turbo?

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I have an rx7 that was tuned in a Gen 1 GT35R. I'll be throwing an EFR 8474 on it in the near future. I'm aware my fueling is going to be way off, but will the timing need to be adjusted also?

I’m guessing your turbo will allow your ECU to access areas that haven’t really got tuned (only interpolated or extrapolated) so I would definately make sure everything is allright on both fuel and timing.

In my experience, and depending on your current map (how well it was tuned, was it tuned on an actual load bearing dyno, etc etc), the EFRs get into boost early enough where even fast spooling turbo maps like for the GT35R may be too aggressive in the medium/high load low/mid RPM range. Also you'll be able to push more boost so again, depending on the map you'll want to confirm it.

hello yes one hundred percent you will need to check the full tune

Will do, thanks.

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