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Tips for mapping to help traction

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So I have started to turn the boost up on the engine but traction is getting very limited, 1 bar in third then 1.4 in 4th. I was hoping for a target of 1.5+ but I’m struggling when doing a roll from 2k when it reaches 4200rpm its starts to spin. Is there anything other than reducing timing in the peak torque area to help reduce the torque or aid traction?

Without being stupid, why do you want to continue to try and target 1.5 bar if you cant get the car to grip? You can manage the timing to flatten off the torque curve to help the tyre grip, however reducing the timing too much will cause unnecessary heat as well.

IMO id optimise the ignition map, then utilise gear based WG duty to aid with traction. Does your ECU have traction control capabilities also?

I still want to continue as it should be all right in 5th and when the weather is warmer but so far all tuning has be done in 4th but it’s just losing traction at peak torque, so I wanted to know ideas for ways around this. Plus I want to get the tune as good as I can while it’s all fresh In my head.

Yeah the ecu it’s a link g4+ which has traction control, didn’t think I should turn this on though till I have sorted the ignition map.

Also wondered if I could set up closed loop boost control with one table with my boost adjustment dial then another table with boost vs gear and throttle maybe? Then set to go between?

Are you saying you're loosing traction on a dyno? If you can't load it up reliably (loss of traction) then I'd steer way clear of trying to dial in the tune as you're describing.

No it’s road tuning, haven’t been on a dyno yet as need to find a local hub dyno

What tires are you using? I assume it is a FWD car?

The car has 225/45/16 Yokohama ad08r tyres on it and it’s a Bmw e30 so rwd. Would it be safe mapping the higher boost level in 5th gear rather than 4th?

You can use other gears to hit the load sites that you wouldnt be usually able too. It works going down the box in lower gears also. All id say is if youre doing big 5th gear pulls on the road in the UK, its probably inadvisable. Get a dyno hired, itll be safer for both you and the engine as you will be able to further refine the calibration.

Yeah what your saying makes sense, just I thought I stood more change of getting grip on the road that on the dynos near me. Will have to make the effort to get on a hub dyno

Where abouts are you based? We have our new Mainline hub dyno arriving soon, so i may be able to help.

Based in leicestershire, that anywhere near you?

North London

Hi Rob, when you say "We have our new Mainline hub dyno arriving soon, so i may be able to help."... Are you still working for Cosworth or set something up on your own?

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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