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Toyota 22re turbo stand alone build

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Not sure if this is he best place to post this but Ill give it a shot. Looking to finish a 70 Toyota Corona build with a 22RET. Would like to do a stand alone system and am very familiar with Holley system, so would like to install an HP ecu. Looking for a locked out distributor and would prefer a digital pickup instead of a vr. Does anyone have any ideas of where to acquire one? Could do a flying magnet crank trigger, but would be eaiser to just use a dist.

I've moved this to the general discussion area as it's probably more relevant here. Your options really depend on your budget and expectations. I'm not overly familiar with the 22R engines but I'm reasonably sure they use an electronic distributor - I'd be surprised if they have a mechanical advance system but I've been wrong before. Toyota are big advocates of VR sensors for the ref and sync inputs but to be honest they work exceptionally well and I'd be inclined to just roll with it. You could go to a crank trigger which will arguably give you a more reliable rpm signal and more stable ignition timing but that is going to be a lot of work and considerable expense for a relatively minor gain unless the engine is going to be heavily modified.

You could check the distributor of the fuel injected versions of the 22r , I think it will work with a stand alone EMS setup.


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