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TPS on an Elite 1500

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On my FD Rx7 I set the TPS with my foot off the throttle at 0% and full throttle at 100%. I'm currently experiencing a high idle, but the TPS position is constantly moving about around about .5% when my foot is off the pedal. is this normal behavior, or should I look to replace the TPS? Thanks.

Mine moves around a tiny bit also, really not a problem as long as it stays within a narrow range and is under your zero demand %. Could be a result of not enough free play in the cable or maybe just 25+ year old sensor doing its thing.

My tps sensor has a crack where the connector goes so I priced up a new sensor, at over $800 AUD I'd rather go dbw when the time comes.

The throttle position 'should' be stable and pretty constant when the throttle is closed. One of the common problems I see with noise on the TPS input is that it can end up having the ECU introduce transient enrichment when it's not really needed. This can also be a little tricky to figure out if you don't know to look for it as the fuelling will be quite erratic. Given your high idle though I'd be inclined to confirm that your throttle is closing properly and make sure that the ECU is actually going into idle control mode.

I am having the same issue on my rx7,

it is intermittent seems worse when hot

but I see random tps from .5-1.5 and sometimes at 0

i used to notice it would idle differently sometimes and after reviewing logs

its going to open loop to closed loop back to open causing idle fluctuations.

i have a new tps in route to see if will fix the issue

Did You ever solve your issue?

Just realized the op was 5 years ago but any input would be good

If the resting position is the only place where the value isn't wholly consistent, setting your idle threshold to a value sufficient that idle always engages, is a common bandaid. I would also check your fuel overrun settings if you're using that system, to ensure it always engages as you'd like.

I have a new TPs to install this weekend, if I still have same problem I can see where I can fix the problem with idle,

also noticed it was tripping transient throttle

where would this be adjusted so I’m not getting transient throttle I inputs at .5-1.5 %tps


TPS issues on FC/FD seem common. Sometimes people get another TPS and are able to fix it, sometimes you have to swap accel enrich to MAP based and kludge some other things to try to work with it.

So after installing new TPs and calibration no longer getting the random transient events at idle and not getting the idle control issue either, so my TPs was probably just getting old .


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