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TPS Tip in AFR?

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Hello i'd like to ask how much is acceptable for the AFR to change due to TPS tip-in enrichment! I'm running a TPS based map due to ITBS and i noticed big changes when i go from partially open to WOT e.g 10% throttle lamda 0.99 --> WOT lamda goes through 0.83 -0.84 and lower to stabilise later on the 0.97 target i have on the map! So is it normal for the TPS tip-in enrichment to change the lamda value so much or lamda should stay very close to the target value (0.02 plus for example)

First: does it stumble or hesitate? Does it actually drive well?

No hesitation no stumble it feels very good like it has plenty of torque from idle up!

Option 1) leave it alone and be thankful it drives great.

Option 2) lean it out until it starts to hesitate, then put some fuel back in.

I personally focus mainly on the feel or response of the engine to sharp throttle movements and use the actual AFR as a secondary guide. I'd rather have an engine that responds seamlessly but shows a brief spike ion the AFR than one that has a perfectly flat lambda plot but a hesitation I can feel.

That being said, with a properly tuned accel enrichment strategy you will normally see a brief lean spike before the lambda settles to your target (0.97 under WOT is quite lean btw). It's certainly worth making some minor adjustments and seeing if these offer any improvement.

So when running ITBS I should target a richer AFR target or this applies also to single throttle applications for NA engines? under i also see quite lean numbers from idle to 1700 rpm

Tune it by feel more than anything.

Hi Andre

Are there any plans to do a Accel enrichement webinar?

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