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I'd like to start a post on this if possible since this is where I think professional daily driven tuned car shine. Id love to learn everything and anything to master this area. I'm struggle getting my car to start just right and would love to know how best to get it!


I believe one thing that OEM does in some cases, that you might not be able to do on 3rd party ECU.

Is that when cranking it switches to wasted spark, the idea being that it only needs to know crank position instead of crank + cam.

As you find crank position within 360 crank degrees but cam position within 720.

But some (most? all?) 3rd party ECUs need to know both before it will give the ignition signal, even if you run wasted spark.

Interesting I know the system I use can be ran three ways batch which just using the crank signal, semi sequential which is timed batch off of a cam signal and the fully sequential which is of course timed.. So things I'm looking for are tricks like this and in not sure if this is correct but I was told that when tuning start up if you're crank and the car isn't catching but you open the throttle body to less then your tps flood clear number and it starts then you're too rich on your crank injector pulse width. And vise versa!

What you were told is right, with the extra airflow into the engine the VE improves allowing it to start with the overly rich setting in your cranking.

One thing it can also come down to is your injector lag time settings, what injectors have you fitted?

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