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trigger arming threshold (3sge sxe10)

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im having trouble with trigger errors and have had to go as low as .3 on the threshold and am still getting some errors while cranking how low can you go? or is it worth investigating the sensor itself, after reading another thread has got me thinking it might like to be a tad closer

I'll go out on a limb and guess you're on a Link platform? It's not uncommon with these engines to be down around 0.1 Volts at cranking speed. The signal amplitude appears to be quite low on the 3S engines. Once you have the engine running, the trigger thresholds will rise accordingly though.

thanks, yes sorry forgot to mention on a link g4 sorry. thats good to know. is it common to see trigger errors while cranking?

It's not uncommon to see an occasional trigger error during crank, particularly if the cranking speed is slow or irregular. If you're seeing consistent cycling errors though then you have a problem.

Andre when you say "consistent cycling errors" what do you mean?

I consistently get 2-3 miss counts when cranking (haltech) is this what you mean by consistent or do you mean, when cranking it consistently keeps going up?

When I say consistent I mean that if the engine fails to start, the errors would just continue to climb indefinitely. In the perfect world zero errors would be great but depending where in the engine cycle the engine stops, this will effect how long it takes for the ECU to synchronise and it's not uncommon to cycle a few errors until this has happened.

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