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Tunerned V3 pro or wait for the Plex V2 to come back into stock?

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I am getting ready to fire my turbo mustang up after having to let it sit for 5 years due to moving with the military. I have gone through the engine, fuel system ect and very ready to have it running and driving again. I am on a stock block 302 which are susceptible to splitting near my hp levels. I am trying to do everything I can to catch any possible issue so i dont have to park it again for a rebuild.

I really want a Plex v2 knock monitor but they are saying it wont be back in stock until the fall. I have called/emailed and messaged every company I can find with it listed in the UK, AU, USA, Germany ect and no one has one in stock. I really want the plex so I can isolate single cylinders to trim ignition instead of globally. I also like the fact of warning lights and not needing a laptop all the time to use it. This will help when I am racing it and dont have an open laptop to view.

Tunernerds dual sensor kit is in stock, but I need the laptop to function. Additionally, with their dual sensor kit you lose the ability to lay map/TSP and AFR on the the screen. It cant isolate the cylinder jut what bank it happened on. I do plan on using either device on multiple vehicles down the road that I plan to tune but I really want to get on my car now.

So the real question is, is the plex that good that I should wait or just get after it with the tunernerd kit? the cost of either kit does not matter.

Thanks Patrick

Hello im a big fan of the plex unit also i think i would be waiting

Regards Ross

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