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Tuning 2200cc injectors are low latency

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Hello, on our 1.8T 20V on Ignitron ECU currently using the specified data sheet for dead times for these 2200cc injectors 0280158821 idle is perfect STFT close to 0, but as soon as we apply throttle and get to 2000rpm or higher in steady state the STFTs go +25% and engine leans out completely. Currently using these dead times.

1.13ms @ 10v

0.75ms @ 12v

0.59ms @ 13v

0.53ms @ 14v

0.41ms @ 16v

Should I try increasing it to around 0.75ms @ 14v and then adjust with VE? Let me know your thoughts and your dead times if you're using these injectors thank you. Here is a log.

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You're likely in the low slope region of the injector and would benefit from low pulse width compensation. If you're using ID2000 injectors, they provide this data. I'm not familiar with the ECU you mentioned, but hopefully it has functionality allowing you to account for low pulse non linearity.

Hello. I have raised dead times from 0.53ms to 0.70ms and have compensated down with VE tuning. Its very smooth now at 0.95 lambda. Revs quick and smooth too.

These are Bosch 2200cc short body with Denso connectors.

I'm glad to hear you've made positive progress!

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