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Tuning Alpha-N - (very) poor mans dyno

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Hi gang, I am tuning an EFI bike that has an ECU that uses Alpha-N. It has a problem with overrich at cruise, which causes a stutter. Unfortunately the ECU software is quite limited for data logging, so I have to resort to mounting and AFR, Tach and "manual" throttle position indicator, then video tape it all while I road test, reproducing the issue. Yes - it is a very poor man's dyno.

So my question is: for Alpha-N maps, what area on the map is "cruise"? I have seen a few VE maps where specific areas ere identified for cruise, idle, acceleration, full throttle - just wonder what it would be like for Alpha-N.

Attached is my best guess. The Y-axis (TPS) might be backwards from the software you are typically used to. Oh, and the values in the cells are adjustment factors - not actuals (the software to edit actuals is another $1000 - yikes!)

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Alpha-n is a bit more of a diagonal line for consistent load vs rpm. You will find at low rpm there probably isn't much difference in power above perhaps 30% throttle so that is full load and cruise would be less than that.

Interesting - thanks for the info!

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